Our Mission

Our Vision Statement

Acting in the public interest by strengthening Canada’s system of governance of an independent legal profession, reinforcing public confidence in it and making it a leading example for justice systems around the world.

Our Mission Statement

The role of the Federation is to:

(a) act as a coordinator and facilitator among Members, establishing forums such as conferences, committees and other opportunities for dialogue where representatives of the Members may discuss issues of mutual interest and foster collaborative decision-making;

(b) promote the development of national standards and to encourage the harmonization of Members’ rules and procedures;

(c) act as the agent of all or some Members to undertake initiatives when all Members so agree;

(d) raise Members’ awareness of emerging issues that may warrant their attention, including important legislative or regulatory developments or trends;

(e) speak on behalf of the Members, when so mandated by Members, in Court proceedings and before parliamentary committees on matters that touch on core values and regulation of the legal profession;

(f)  foster and maintain constructive relationships with key national stakeholders, such as the Canadian Bar Association, the federal Department of Justice, the Supreme Court of Canada and other federal courts, as well as the Council of Canadian Law Deans, and more generally to provide information and raise awareness about the role, responsibilities and activities of the Federation among the public, governments, and members of the legal profession; and

(g) participate in international forums for the purposes of: (i) learning about international trends and developments in the area of regulation of the legal profession and sharing that information with Members; and (ii) providing information and raising awareness about the role, responsibilities and activities of the Federation and the Members, as well as about the Canadian justice and legal system, among organizations having an interest in such matters around the world.

Our Values Statement

The Federation of Law Societies of Canada fulfills its mission in a manner which is:

  1. Focused on the public interest;
  2. Responsive and accountable;
  3. Focused on the need to increase access to legal services;
  4. Consistent with the highest standards of professionalism, excellence, ethics and good governance; and
  5. Respectful of Canada’s bilingual and bi-juridical nature.

Our Strategic Plan

The Federations current strategic plan is here.