About Us

Every lawyer in Canada and notary in Quebec is required by law to be a member of a law society and to be governed by its rules.


What is the Federation of Law Societies of Canada?

The Federation of Law Societies of Canada is the national association of the 14 law societies mandated by the provinces and territories to regulate Canada’s legal profession in the public interest. It is the body through which Canada’s law societies collaborate at the national level, share information on trends and issues affecting the legal profession, and engage in collective action and decision-making. The Federation is also the law societies’ national and international voice on important issues related to the regulation and core values of the legal profession.

Our Vision

Acting in the public interest by strengthening Canada’s system of governance of an independent legal profession, reinforcing public confidence in it and making it a leading example for justice systems around the world.

Our Mission

The Federation of Law Societies of Canada fulfills its mission in a manner that is focused on the public interest and the need to increase access to legal services. It is responsive and accountable, conducts itself in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism, excellence, ethics and good governance, and is respectful of Canada’s bilingual and bi-juridical nature.

Our Strategic Priorities

The Federation has three strategic priorities.

1. We are the national information-sharing centre for law societies. We monitor, analyze and share information with our member law societies on important national and international trends and issues.

2. We are the national collaboration hub for law societies. We act as a coordinator and facilitator for national collaboration efforts, providing support to national programs and projects, and harmonized standards and policies.

3. We are the respected national voice of law societies. We engage with national and international stakeholders on issues of mutual interest, and with the consent of our members, we speak out on specific issues of national and international importance involving justice and regulatory matters.

Our Members: Canada’s Law Societies

Every lawyer in Canada and notary in Quebec is required by law to be a member of a law society and to be governed by its rules. Canada’s 14 provincial and territorial law societies govern over 136,000 lawyers, Quebec’s 4,200 notaries and Ontario’s 10,600 independent paralegals in the public interest. Each law society is established by provincial and territorial law and has a mandate to ensure that people in its jurisdiction are served by legal professionals who meet high standards of competence and professional conduct.

Key Functions of Law Societies

To fulfill their public interest mandate, law societies set the standards for admission to the profession and the conduct of members in their province or territory. They investigate complaints and discipline members of the profession who violate the rules of conduct and audit and monitor the use of trust funds held by members of the profession on behalf of their clients.

To learn more about how Canada’s law societies serve the public interest, to become a member of the legal profession or to make a complaint about a member in your province or territory, you can use the following links:

Council of the Federation

The Council of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada is the governing body of the Federation. It sets the organization’s strategic direction and oversees management.

Membership and meetings

Each of the Federation’s 14 member law societies nominates one representative to Council for a renewable term of one year. The Federation’s immediate Past President, President and incoming President (known as the Vice President and President-elect) are also members of Council. The Council meets four times a year.

Executive Committee

In between meetings of Council, the Executive Committee provides strategic advice and leadership in support of the President and the Council. The Executive Committee is made up of the President, the Past President, the Vice President (who is also President-elect) and the Second Vice President. Members of the Executive Committee serve a one-year term and are selected based on a regional rotation. Here are the current members of the Executive Committee and Council of the Federation. Click the photo of each to view details.

Our Team

The staff and day-to-day operations of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada are managed by a Chief Executive Officer and senior directors, located at the Federation’s head office in Ottawa, Ontario.

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