NCA Resources

PLEASE NOTE all active NCA candidates should now have access credentials required to use the NCA portal. You can access it by selecting the “MY NCA FILE” button on this web site. NCA candidates are responsible for ensuring information in their portal file is correct and current. The NCA only communicates using email, so it is essential your latest contact information is included in the portal data.

  • Consult the NCA Brochure for an overview of the NCA, if you plan to study law outside of Canada.
  • Various law schools or institutions offer courses to help students prepare for NCA exams. Please note these are not required by the NCA or provincial law societies, nor endorsed by the NCA.
  • You can review the latest NCA Advisory. These are issued when there is important information NCA candidates should be aware of.
  • The latest Policies and Guidelines of the NCA are available in PDF format.
  • A series of frequently asked questions (FAQs) are available for reference about the NCA, its policies and procedures, and examination rules.
  • These are the forms to use during the various steps in completing your NCA requirements. Please note to register for exams, go to the NCA Candidate portal by selecting the “MY NCA FILE” button on this page.
  • There are rules to follow when writing NCA exams. These are detailed here.
  • The NCA examination process is entirely self-study and applicants are responsible for their own course materials and program of studies. There is no private tutoring or consultation available through the NCA. A syllabus and practice exam are available for each subject.
  • You can also refer to the NCA guide on How to Answer Fact Based Law Exam Questions.