NCA Exam Review

Candidates are given an opportunity to review failed examinations free of charge to determine if they wish to apply for the NCA Exam Appeal Process to have their examination(s) re-evaluated. The reviews generally take place two to three weeks after the examination results are released, according to the schedule. Reviews are only held in the centres specified. There will be no alternative review dates if you cannot attend on the specific day and time indicated.

You do not have to advise the NCA if you wish to attend a review session in any of the cities specified, if it is the same city where you wrote the exam. If you wrote an NCA exam in one city and would like to review it in another, then you MUST advise the NCA at least two weeks in advance of the specified review date at

There are no examiners at these review sessions. They are organized to give you the opportunity to review your exam together with the examiner’s reasons for failure. All examiners re-read failed exams twice before assigning a failing grade.

A copy of the NCA letter and the examiner’s reasons for failure are the only materials allowed into the exam room. Personal items (back packs, bags, tools for writing, etc.) may be taken to the review room but you will be instructed to deposit these belongings outside the room prior to entry.

Please note:  If you wish to apply for the NCA’s Exam Appeal Process, the appeal must reach the NCA within 2 weeks of the date of the review session.