NCA Exam Appeal Process

Candidates are entitled to apply to appeal the result of their examination(s) only where there are reasonable and compelling grounds to believe that the grade assigned was the result of a significant error or injustice.  PLEASE NOTE there is a $215 fee (plus applicable taxes) that must be prepaid for each NCA examination you are appealing. Please note the NCA Refund Policy.

IMPORTANT: Candidates must submit a separate letter (in PDF format only) setting out the grounds for appeal (i.e. the specific facts and/or evidence showing that a significant error has occurred in assigning the candidate’s grade). Please submit any supporting documentation or evidence with the PDF letter. To ensure anonymity, please do not include your full name, but only your NCA file number in your letter of appeal.  Submit your appeal through the NCA Portal by following the steps below:

  1. Select the “My Course Info.” tab.
  2. Click on the heading “Exam History”
  3. Select the green “Appeal” button located beside the exam you wish to appeal.

DEADLINE:  If you wish to apply for the NCA’s Exam Appeal Process, the appeal must reach the NCA within 2 weeks of the date of the review session. 

Providing Evidence

The onus is on the candidate to provide specific facts and/or evidence regarding the significant error or injustice. (For example, a significant error in the application of the grading criteria, such as the instructor’s failure memo referring to a point the candidate addressed, but did not receive credit for.) Not all errors are sufficient to merit a review. It is not sufficient to state only that:

  • a significant error has occurred;
  • the examiner has not fully justified the grade to the candidate’s satisfaction; or
  • the candidate does not understand or is not satisfied with how the grade was determined

Grounds which are extraneous to the fairness of the evaluation itself are not relevant in this process should not be included in the candidate’s application for appeal. These include:

  • the candidate is on the margin and deserves or needs the additional marks; or
  • reasons of personal or financial hardship.

Your exam will be re-evaluated based on what was written at the time of the exam, therefore it is not relevant nor required to:

  • elaborate on your knowledge or understanding of the subject area; or
  • provide further explanation of your responses (which cannot be read into the existing answers); or
  • provide a list of academic or professional experience (i.e. courses taken, articles/books written etc.) as evidence of understanding or knowledge of the subject.

The Examinations Manager will review each request; appeals which do not meet the above requirements or which are based on grounds deemed extraneous to the re-evaluation will not be accepted.

Process for Re-evaluation

Your appeal correspondence, the original examiner’s comments and exam booklets will be sent to another examiner for re-evaluation and further comments. This process can take approximately 2-4 weeks. In submitting an application, you should keep in mind that the application may also be sent to the original examiner for his or her response, if appropriate.

The Exam Appeals process cannot begin until payment of the $215 fee (plus applicable taxes) is made online.