Federation of Law Societies of Canada Launches Interactive Model Code of Professional Conduct

The Federation of Law Societies of Canada has launched the Interactive Model Code of Professional Conduct, an online tool that links the provisions in the Federation’s Model Code to the matching or related rules of professional conduct in every law society in Canada.

“This interactive tool will allow mobile lawyers, law society staff and leaders, academic researchers and others to quickly and easily find the enforceable rules in every Canadian jurisdiction using the national Model Code as the central reference point” says Federation President Jeff Hirsch.

“Users will be able to isolate specific sections of the Federation’s Model Code and view the corresponding code of conduct of another jurisdiction.”

The Federation’s Model Code was developed to harmonize as much as possible the ethical rules governing lawyers across Canada. It has now been implemented by ten Canadian law societies, is reflected in the Barreau du Quebec’s new Code of Professional Conduct and is under review in the remaining jurisdictions.

The Interactive Model Code of Professional Conduct is available on the Federation’s website (www.flsc.ca) and can be accessed through a permanent link at: https://flsc.ca/interactivecode.

You may also wish to consult the Federation’s news release.