Federation Congratulates New Supreme Court Justice

The Federation of Law Societies of Canada is pleased to congratulate Justice Michelle O’Bonsawin on her appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada. The appointment of the first Indigenous judge to Canada’s highest court is an important step on the path to reconciliation. Highly accomplished, Justice O’Bonsawin is a fluently bilingual Franco-Ontarian and an Abenaki member of the Odanak First Nation. She is an outstanding addition to the Court.

Canada’s judicial system is strengthened by the presence of diverse perspectives at all levels of the judiciary. Justice O’Bonsawin’s appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada and the appointment last year of Justice Mahmoud Jamal, the first person of colour on the Court, go a long way to ensuring that Canadians of all backgrounds see themselves reflected in our courts.

The Federation is honoured to have been represented on the Independent Advisory Board for Supreme Court of Canada Judicial Appointments that recommended the appointment of Justice O’Bonsawin.