Acquiring Competencies in Canadian Core Subjects

The NCA recently reviewed its policies with respect to the acquisition of competencies in the Canadian core subjects – Canadian Administrative Law, Canadian Constitutional Law, Canadian Criminal Law and Foundations of Canadian Law. The NCA has determined that all of these competencies must be acquired either at a Canadian law school or through the NCA exam process, without exception, in order to ensure fairness for all applicants.

As a result of this decision the NCA is terminating an arrangement with Bond University in Australia under which courses in the core Canadian subjects taught at Bond are accepted as equivalent to those taught in Canadian law schools. To ensure an appropriate transition period, the NCA will continue to recognize as equivalent any of the Canadian courses successfully completed at Bond by any student who has been admitted to and commenced their legal studies at the university by January 2015, subject to sufficient academic performance (as detailed in NCA Assessment Policy 1.2.2.e).