Canadian Common Law Program Approval Status

Individuals applying for admission to a Canadian law society must hold a law degree earned at a Canadian law school or a Certificate of Qualification issued by the Federation’s National Committee on Accreditation.

Effective 2015, for their graduates to be admitted to law society admission programs, Canadian common law programs will have to meet the National Requirement as determined by the Canadian Common Law Program Approval Committee (the “Approval Committee”).

Graduates from the following law schools are currently accepted by all law societies in Canadian common law jurisdictions:

The following programs have been approved by the Approval Committee and therefore graduates from the date listed will be accepted into the bar admissions process in Canada’s common law, law societies:

Note: Definitions and conditions, if any, of each approval model (Program or ISAM) are available by selecting the designated link.

The following programs have received preliminary approval from the Approval Committee. These programs are not eligible for approval until their first class graduates:

Please note: The Federation does not recommend or endorse any specific law school program. The Approval Committee approves common law programs based on compliance with the National Requirement.